Running Gear
We hold a vast amount of quality RS running gear in stock, from engines, propshafts, wheels, exhausts, brake disks, please phone, or email for details.See below for prices ...........
2WD Cosworth Engines From 1200
4X4 Cosworth Engines From 1500
S1 Escort Turbo From 350
S2 Escort Turbo From 350
Fiesta Turbo From 400
Escort Turbo Rad 100.00 Ex
4X4   Cosworth Props From 75.00 Escort turbo: recon gearbox 350 Ex
4X4   Front Props From 100.00 Escort turbo: uprated gearbox 450 Ex
Cosworth Rad 100.00 Ex 2nd Hand Box 200 Ex
Escort turbo: recon gearbox 350 Ex